Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange transforms money; desired and collected for its financial value, into an art object; appreciated and collected for its aesthetic and conceptual value. The books also remind us that the cash we accumulate and use every day to purchase objects of appreciation, is merely ink on paper.

In addition to this critique of the economic and aesthetic value, Currency Exchange also functions as an intriguing conceptual exploration into investment strategies and economic appreciation. The financial and collectible value of these artist's books will grow exponentially over time, as sales proceeds are continually re-invested by the artist into the next greater domination volume in the series.

The project also becomes a subversively productive means for diverting United States currency into under-funded arts education organizations. All eventual income generated through sales of the editions of Currency Exchange will be donated by the artist to organizations and projects that support arts education.

Each volume of Currency Exchange will be produced in a very small edition of ten books. Each book contains 48 bills. The books are hand sewn and case-bound in full cloth using archival materials. The binding technique does not render the bills unfit for re-issue. All books are signed and numbered by the artist.

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